CANAMID Central America-North America Migration Dialogue

“Since the early 20th Century, economic hardship, lack of land, violence, and the impact of natural disasters have influenced the departure of many people from the North Triangle of Central America countries (Guatemala, El Salvador y Honduras).”

Policy Brief # 01


“Until last summer, one of the most accessible ways to travel across the country was by freight train, which left from Arriaga (Chiapas) and other places near Guatemala such as Palenque (Chiapas) and Tenosique (Tabasco). The average journey took 95 days, during which time migrants were exposed to multiple risks and health problems.”

Policy Brief # 05

Transit through Mexico

“Central Americans make up the fastest-growing segment of Latin American migration to the United States in recent years, with 52 percent population growth between 2000 and 2013”

Policy Brief # 03

Destination in the U.S.

“… over the last decade a growing number of NTCA and Mexican nationals has been deported (or, in modern administrative parlance, “removed”) from the U.S. interior, or apprehended at the U.S. or Mexico borders and “removed” or “returned” (a more simple procedure of removal) to their places of origin.

Policy Brief # 01



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  • En rueda de prensa llevada a cabo el 13 de junio de 2016 en el Gran Hotel de la Ciudad de México, se presentó la serie de publicaciones Policy Brief Series del proyecto CANAMID, compuesta por nueve boletines de política pública. Agustín Escobar y Pablo Mateos, ambos directores del proyecto, así como Liliana Meza y Carla Pederzini, colaboradoras del mismo, dieron a conocer algunos de los hallazgos más importantes contenidos en estas publicaciones destinadas a informar la decisión pública.

    • CANAMID-Ciesas, The Wilson Center's Mexico Institute and Latin American Program, and Georgetown University organized a meeting at Washington D.C. (October 20) to launch the Central America - North America Migration Dialogue Policy Brief Series.
  • CANAMID at the conference “Mexico's migration policy toward Central America”, México City, November 5 and 6

    CANAMID will attend the 5th and 6th of November in the international conference "Mexico's migration policy toward Central America," organized by CIDE, COLEF and CIESAS.

  • CANAMID organized a special session at the Metropolis International Conference held at Mexico City 8-9 September 2015 meeting.

  • As part of the launch meeting of CANAMID project in Guatemala City, the report "Central American Migration in transit through Mexico to the United States: Diagnosis and recommendations. Towards a comprehensive and regional vision and shared responsibility" was presented by Ernesto Rodriguez Chavez and Leandro Rivera (ITAM, Mexico).

  • CANAMID launch meeting was held at the University Rafael Landívar in Guatemala

    City in October 16 and 17, 2014

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